Sunday, April 27, 2008

The servile staff of India's first family

I was over at the Bachchan blog, and this bit caught my eye --

Sharad Kumar from Scotland insists on reading a motive behind the invite list to the Abhi-Ash wedding. I find it below my dignity to give explanations to a matter that in my reckoning, is firmly embedded in the private domain. But let me tell you this. Every member of my entire staff with their families, people who have worked and remained with us for over 30 years, drivers, cleaners, kitchen staff, peons, minders, office bearers, security, helpers - formed the major portion of my list. They came as my guests. Not to work that day or help. They were my invited guests. My family, Jaya, Abhishek, Shweta, my grand children and I all sat with them and looked after them, served them food with our own hands and nothing in the world could have given us more pleasure than doing that. For me they were my most important guests. I did not need anyone else, for they were people who tirelessly have worked day in out with us. Lived through our pain and glory, through success and failure, through sadness and joy and never ever changed. They remained devoted and servile and committed and constant. Their allegiance and sincerity never in doubt.

On my 26 years on this planet, I have not often been at a loss for words, but with this, I truly am. He writes some excellent stuff, but he values the fact that his support staff was 'servile' and showed 'allegiance' ?

The most likely explanation to me is that this is some idiot ghostwriter's wrong interpretation (given the volume and length of each post, it is quite likely that BigB is just dictating,and some one else scribbling).

However, if this is the man himself at work, it beggars belief.

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MUMBHAI said...

Big B's blog is ghost written for him this I know for a fact. He skims through the messages and suggests replies to what catches his eye OR insists on certain comments being posted based on what he wants his fans to know. He for sure certainly does not personally type in every entry. Guess someone has to let me him know that in the BLOGOSPHERE ppl have far too much time to MICRO READ each word take it out of context and selectively quote specific words to attract traffic to their own Blog....