Saturday, July 22, 2006

Krrissh Crash

I was looking forward to Krrissh - I have enjoyed some of the recent superhero films (X-Men, Superman and Spiderman come to mind immediately). Plus, I am a major fan of Roshan Jr.'s talent, post Lakshya.

The trouble though is when Daddy makes the movie, and is clearly intent on showcasing his chand ka tudka. This worked the previous two times, but when it comes to a superhero film, it doesnt.

Lets face it, the superhero action flick is something that Hollywood does superbly well. Especially someone like Bryan Singer, who made X-2 and Superman. What hits you in those movies, especially during the action scenes, is the blinding speed at which events unfold, forcing the superhero (or heroine) to move quickly. It gives the events a feeling of reality and believability, and makes one identify with the film.

The very reverse happens in Krrissh. The whole film is a showcase for Hrithik, so after every spectacular leap, the young man poses heroically, flexing his muscles and looking all noble. Ruins the effect completely!

The acting is good, the story requires some level of suspension of belief but is overall watchable. Nasseerudin Shah has a ridiculous role, and knowing that, he hams magnificently.